We build custom Ebikes right here in WA.

We build powerful Ebikes suited for hills and steep inclines. See samples below. Contact us: (206) 486-6117‬ OlyEbike@gmail.com

Ebike Dealer

Found a bike bike online? We can build a similar style bike or stock that bike for you.

Service & Repair

We assemble, service and repair Ebikes from every manufacturer.

Ebike FAQ
  • Watts – 350,500 or 1,000 watts? Watts do not tell the whole story. For example, a 500 watt mid-drive system can climb hills better than a 1,000 watt hub system.
  • Volts – Like watts, the higher the voltage the more power. 48v systems have more power than 36v systems at the same wattage.
  • Hub vs Mid-Drive – Mid-drive motors have a mechanical advantage over hub motors because they use your existing gearing.
  • Climbing Hills – Even small hills require a lot of torque. If you plan to climb hills, you definitely want a mid-drive system, which have much more torque.
About Us

OlyEbike is your local Ebike expert. We’ve been building Ebikes since 2008.

Get In Touch

(206) 486-6117‬

Drop By

19689 7th Ave NE
Poulsbo, WA 98370 (by appointment only)

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